Sunday, 30 November 2008


Ok so Dundee and Aberdeen went head to head in an NCR "selfish self service" competition where about half the class were given the opportunity to present their idea to NCR in hope that one of us would win an iPod Touch.

I was one from the class to present, unfortunately i did not make it through to the final but i did gain some valuable experience from doing so. Quite a nerve racking thing to do with some tough questions thank god i did not fuck it up!

3 from my class went through to the final, with one finishing in second! Well done Hannah with a really good presentation with a fun and interesting service.

Monday, 17 November 2008

My Selfish Self Service


I just think that it is really strange bumping into people that are not quite there, and by that i mean totally absorbed in their music. Thats not a bad thing all the time.

But, by covering up their mouths in the mask we(the public) can see them and know who is totally away with it, so we don't try any form of communication with them, as i am currently doing...

So what do you think?!

"Plan Snooze"; our current state

This a fantastic book to read if you are interested in whats to come in the next couple of decades for the human population! It is a surprisenly realistic view about resource depletion which i felt were emphasized by including subjects like Iraq and the die out of Roman civilization. With out giving the book away, Heinberg explains where our civilization has gone wrong,who has it right, what that means, how to survive it and how to overcome it, especially with the credit crunch in place now.

It is a easy read with only 6 chapters, highly recommended!